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Weekend Box Office Earnings October 15-17, 2010 - "Jackass 3D" Gross Huge, "Red" Impresses

Jackass 3D is a record-breaker this weekend a massive-sized $50 million gross! That's the biggest October opening in history! Offering an alternative, Red also impressed, while The Social Network and Secretariat had exceptional holds.

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JL4063d ago

Red did better than I expected. Jackass though, that is a HUGE number. I didn't expect it to blow up like that. Breaking a record for the month of October no less. They have to be VERY please with those numbers. Speaking of very pleased, ScreenGem has got to be loving those numbers on Easy A given what it took to make the movie. And nice to see The Town is still doing well with a nice $80 Million for its whole time in theaters.

Soldierone4063d ago

Really? I always thought Jackass would just demolish sales anyways. I mean it could come out during the summer and still compete with bigger movies, tossing it in an October line up is like sure win. At least my opinion.

That and the shows, Viva La Bam, etc...they have all been off air or playing re runs for years now. People have been waiting for Johnny Knoxville to make a return.

darklordzor4063d ago

I think that's the key to it right there. The show(s) have been off the air long enough for people to want to see this film and the cast back together again. Sometimes audiences need breaks from series in order to fully appreciate them and get excited about them again. It's a lesson I wish more filmmaker would learn, instead of pumping out movie after movie and virtually flooding the market to the point where no one cares anymore.

I really thought Red would be taking the prize for the weekend though, despite the reviews. Oh well, not too bad for October though, and its good to see people getting into the theaters for something.

Soldierone4062d ago


I say that with actors alot. Like Tom Cruise a few years ago, he was in a movie like every 3 months. I was telling people he needs to take a break and let people "forget" his face. Which kinda happened, but they do it to so many new actors now. Ryan Reynolds is a prime example. How many superheroes is he now? How many chick flicks has he been in? Hope he is making money because his face will be useless in like 2 years....

Only certain actors like Will Smith are good enough to the point where sure they appear in one movie a year, but its a differnt character its a differnt style. They are capable of creating a new person within the film so your not "oh hey, Will Smith beating up robots....oh hey will smith being poor."

JL4062d ago

Don't get me wrong, I definitely expected Jackass to do good and even win the weekend. But to just demolish all competition and do so well that it sets a record....didn't exactly expect that. Though you make a very good point...all the series having been off air for so long now, does indeed make people hungry to see these "jackasses" back together again.

darklordzor4062d ago


You're right about Smith. He's a great actor but doesn't over expose himself in films. He keeps his roles varied and always comes out better for it. That's why I think MIB3 is going to rock. It's been a while since the last film (which had Knoxville in it), and people are ready for the next one.

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