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Movie Trailer: ‘Red Eagle’, Thailand’s Own Dark, Gritty Superhero

SlashFilm writes: Every country needs its own dark, gritty superhero. Thailand may already have a few (slashfilm will confess ignorance there) but now there’s one more: The Red Eagle, who stars in a movie that looks a bit like The Dark Knight, The Green Hornet and a few other things thrown together.

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Ru4362d ago

This don't look like a Indie Film to me

darklordzor4362d ago

Yeah, does sure look a lot better than just a regular indie film, but of course Kick-Ass technically was too. Put enough money behind it and even indie films won't look like it.

Ru4362d ago

But is that not the definition of Indie... Low Budget?

darklordzor4362d ago

No. While they normally have that in common, the definition of an indie film is one that is funded and produced independently from the filmmakers and not by major studios. Technical definitions say that as long as less than half a film's budget comes from a major studio, it's still and indie film.

The Star Wars films are technically independent because George Lucas provided the funding for them, and they were distributed by 20th Century. It's not about the size of the budget, but about who funds it; the filmmakers or a major studio.

Soldierone4362d ago

I agree. Indie should be re defined as low budget films, that way we know who the real film makers are. Id be impressed with this if it were a real indie film, not a high budget so called indie film.

I mean Fox even has a company that will dump a few thousand into films and they are still called indie films. Doesnt make sense to me.

Soldierone4362d ago

BTW is it just me or is the story of this a jist of The Boondock saints? They kill people, leave pennies on the eyes, and no one knows who they are. Its like taking that adding more action and sword fighting and bam this film is made.