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The Social Network: 5 Other Tech Company Films

Pocket Lint writes: "The film The Social Network has landed and with it a huge pile of curiousity from the 500 million Facebook users out there who make up the potential audience for this blockbuster movie. Just how many likes will it get?"

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darklordzor4232d ago

Personally I loved Pirates of Silicon Valley. I thought it was a great movie and was truly enjoyable to watch. That and I feel it was released in the right way: a TV movie. In fact when the previews were coming out for Social Network I kept telling myself I hope they did as good a job as they did with the story (fiction/nonfiction aspects) as they did in Silicon Valley.

Soldierone4232d ago (Edited 4232d ago )

Notice most of thoe movies were computer related? I know others have been done like Fun with Dick and Jane, which was about the business that illigally transfered money and got caught etc....but tech related could be anything, like phones, mp3's etc...

Like I said before though, this movie wasn't about Facebook particularily or anything. Facebook was nothing more than a selling point. Like the article says "500 million facebook users are now interested" all because you slapped a name they all know on it.

You could make a "video gamme movie" thats about deciet and triumph, has nothing to do with video games, relate the title to Call of Duty and sell millions, just because the name is on the cover.

darklordzor4231d ago

Agreed. The movie wasn't so much about Facebook itself, but neither are the movies in this list really. The technology and history is used as a backdrop to tell a different story, and one that needs those things in order to get told properly. Let's face it if they had presented it as a film about corruption or greed, or even the internet itself, they would have done as well.

Soldierone4231d ago

It just takes creativity to do it right and make money. Like I used Fun with Dick and Jane on purpose. It took the route of telling the story about a company screwing over people, and gave it a differnt perspective and made people laugh. What did the average person at this company do? They went out and stole things, discovered the secrets, and put them out there.

I know the Social Network wasn't going the same route, but all im saying is to tell these stories in a non-boring way that people are interested in, film makers just need to step up and be creative. Afterall thats their job. The job isn't to tell a boring story and slap a known name on it for advertising. Am I saying Social Network was boring or bad? No not at all, but I wasn't impressed with the fact that they used Facebook just to advertise. Even the Facebook people were hammering this point the entire marketing campeign.

darklordzor4231d ago

Where's the Anit-Trust mention? I thought that was a great movie, if not highly exaggerated. It's just funny to see a dramatic version of 'Bill Gates' being super evil. If you've ever heard him talk or anything, you'll know just how ridiculous that seems. He's just a big nerd.