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25 Disney Titles IGN Wants on Blu

IGN Writes: This week's release of Beauty and the Beast on Blu-ray had us thinking about a feature we put together back in 2009, when Pinocchio was the hottest new Disney title on Blu. Looking over our previous list of the top 25 Disney animated titles we wanted to see in high definition, we found that four of them have since come out, and one is due very soon.

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darklordzor4229d ago

Absolutely yes! All of those right now. I can't believe how slow Disney has been in transferring all of their stuff to blu-ray. I figured they would be trying to pump them out on a more regular basis. Personally I've been waiting for Aladdin and Lion King for a very long time. It looks like the Pixar ones are rumored to be released early in 2011 so there's no worries there, we just need to get a move on the next ones!

Soldierone4229d ago

Ha I was expecting the list to be nothing but older films that I wasn't too interested in, but I like most of this list lol. I will admit that if they re released some of them on Blu Id go back and watch them all again.

darklordzor4229d ago

Yeah, that's really what's killing me right now. I love those films, but I'l admit that I'm a total quality snob now, and have a hard time watching anything that isn't HD. I know it shouldn't matter, but if I have the choice, I always have to pick HD, and I hate how none of these give me that option. Really can't wait for Lion King one though.

Soldierone4227d ago

Netflix before they updated it was killing me! I was always the person "who cares about HD" then I upgraded my TV and was chewing on my words for weeks. Now its like its HD or ill degrade it and hate it. Thankfully they updated Netflix and it looks beautiful now!