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'Elevator' Sends You Plummeting Into Terrorist Suspense

Couch Potato Club:
Corruption. Racism. Greed. Revenge. The worst traits of humanity converge under horrifying circumstances, when nine strangers find themselves trapped high above Manhattan with someone who has a bomb, in the feature-length suspense film Elevator.

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Soldierone4236d ago

The title isn't appealing at all, the subject is interesting, but then Devil comes to mind and I lose all interest. Its really hard to portray these things correctly in a 6 by 6 space. That and Devil is like the worst movie ive seen all year. So I dont know what to think of this film.

JL4236d ago

I also can't help but think of Devil when reading about this. That in turn brings huge reservations. Then again, the subject of this (and Devil too) are interesting. Just Shayamalan and clan can't tell a story for crap, so maybe somebody else can come around and do better. Who knows.

darklordzor4235d ago

Yeah, when I read about this film, Devil is also the only thing that comes to mind. Suspense and claustrophobia are the main keys to a film like this, and I agree it's not easy to do when you only have such a small space in which to work with on film. That being said, there's plenty of opportunities for greatness in there. Just look at Buried and how they managed to do everything within a coffin (essentially) with one actor.

JL4234d ago

Yea it's definitely all in the execution and talent they're working with. Things that are challenging like these usually hold the potential for the most greatness. Or course they also could be a huge flop if you don't get it right. Buried is a nice example...I've heard amazing things about that so far. But going this minimalist type approach can definitely make or break at times. In the same sense you can look at something like Castaway (or even I Am Legend to a slightly lesser extent). You're not working with a small space in those but you are very limited in the majority of the movie, in the sense that its riding on one character. In those two cases though you have Will Smith and Tom Hanks carrying the film for those parts so it turned out fine.

My guess though, I bet this turns out better than Devil.