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James Cameron Flirting With 3D 'Cleopatra'

Deadline writes: "File this one under tantalizingly possible. James Cameron and Sony Pictures Entertainment are exploring the very real possibility that he will direct Angelina Jolie in a 3D version of Cleopatra, an SPE adaptation of the Stacy Schiff book Cleopatra: A Life. Jolie is attached and anxious to make the movie. Scott Rudin, who acquired the book, is producer. The talks are serious but by no means conclusive yet."

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Soldierone4236d ago

I honestly don't think James Cameron can make something I'm interested in all the way through, without drawing out a long boring story that could of been done in less than an hour. He did a good job with visuals, but that doesn't make a film at all.

This also just proves the whole 3D thing is stupid, in my opinion. Avatar barely squeezed through, now this?

JL4235d ago

I'm with you (I think). As a filmmaker/director, Cameron has very little skill/potential. He can't do a story for crap really and not at all that great of a director. Producer? One of the tops. Director/Writer? A dime a dozen. The guy is SERIOUSLY overrated in my opinion.

Unless they have some way of turning Cleopatra into a straight action film, I don't see this being good. Even Cleopatra as action doesn't sound good. Come on, the guy even managed to make the classic Pocahontas tale and make it boring.

Cyrus3654235d ago

That might be true, but you can't deny this guy just makes Money for the studios, so he may be poor writer/director, but audiences, keeping voting for this guy with their dollars.

What he has, like 5 of the top 20 all time grossing movies Ever?

Titantic, Avatar, Terminator 1/2...