ABC Preps TV Return for 'Incredible Hulk'

Hollywood Reporter writes: "Who’s ready for another Hulk TV series?

As DC Comics heroine Wonder Woman, who had a TV series during the 1970s, is being prepped for a return to the small screen, Marvel and ABC are developing a TV return for the Incredible Hulk. CBS produced a memorable series featuring the jade giant that ran from 1978-82 and starred Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno."

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darklordzor4234d ago

So is Mark Ruffalo going to be portraying the Hulk in the show too? I seriously doubt it, which means they'll find yet another actor to fill the green role (which only makes the continuity worse). I can't see why they'd want to go with another Hulk show. Since Marvel opened their TV side, I've been waiting to see what was going to come of it, but I expected them to try something totally new first.

I guess they're going to go with Hulk in order to hopefully pull in viewers from all the Avengers hype. Of most interest to me, is the possibility on that list of having a Punisher TV show. I think that would be more interesting and feasible than a Hulk show.