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Jackass 3D' to Demolish 'Red' at Box Office

HollywoodReporter:"The weekend box office is likely to be topped by a Paramount release that sounds ideal for anyone who feels foolish wearing those oversized 3D goggles: "Jackass 3D."

The latest "Jackass" is expected to top the weekend with $30 million or more in opening coin, which would be more than either of the first two installments in the dangerous franchise rang up in their debut frames.

Rated PG-13, "RED" looks likely to ring up about $20 million, more or less, through Sunday as it takes over 3,255 theaters in North America."

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Soldierone4366d ago

I personally see it happening too. The summer movies kinda hammered too many action thrillers into our heads, that its getting old and fast right now. That and RED is aimed at an older audience that know the older actors, while Jackass is aiming at the much larger teen crowd.

That and personally RED doesn't look that interesting to me. It looks good, just not something id line up and wait to see. Ill see it when i see it.

JL4366d ago

Absolutely I expect it as well. To the point even that it pretty much seems like a given to me and don't see why others might think differently. Jackass has huge appeal amongst the younger crowds (and that's where the money comes from). Red I've barely even seen advertised around here till recently. Even still, it hasn't been that much. Jackass though, it just caters to the national mindset: we just HAVE to stop and look at that wreck on the road.