5 Chilean Mine Rescue Projects Hollyw'd Needs to Make

The Wrap writes: Free at last. Now it's time to get pre-production cranking.

The dramatic rescue of all 33 Chilean miners on Wednesday from their underground prison captivated the world. It’s all too rare that real-life tragedies get the happy ending they deserve. No wonder Hollywood quickly came calling.

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doctorstrange4431d ago

See myself watching a movie on this

darklordzor4428d ago

Yeah they don't need to make a movie about this, and if they are, at least give it some time to settle. I mean they were just rescued, why not give things a chance to mull over, be sure to get the real story from everyone, and then think of ways to dramatize it.

Right now, I just don't see how this could be a particularly exciting film, much like that Hudson plane crash film they plan on making.