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Guillermo Del Toro on Godzilla? Not so Fast, Says Director

Despite earlier reports that Guillermo Del Toro had been offered the director's chair for the new Godzilla reboot, the man himself puts down the rumor...even though he hadn't even heard it.

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darklordzor4238d ago

Oh man! A Del Toro directed Godzilla would have been so awesome to watch. Oh well, I guess they'll find someone else, but honestly I can't think of a director I'd really love to be on this film, who isn't already busy. My dream team guys (Reeves, Abrams, even Snyder) are all busy on other projects.

This makes me worry that whoever does get picked for Godzilla won't be able to do with it what needs to be done. We desperately need another good monster movie, and uses the King of all Monsters to his best potential.