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Looks Like Tom Hardy Really Could Play Killer Croc in Batman 3

With Tom Hardy now rumored to be cast in the lead role as a villain, Mark Millar (who claims to know who the villain is in the new film) is once again stirring the pot via his Twitter.

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darklordzor4799d ago

Sorry, but I'm still not buying it. I just have a hard time believing Mark Millar on this. I don't think he's really in a spot to have special information like that. I could be wrong, but right now I don't believe him.

I'm interested to see if it's true, Nolan's take on such an out there character. It just doesn't seem like he'd fit in with what Nolan has already established.

LtSkittles4799d ago

He could do what they did for the anime give him a skin condition, and then be huge like that on fear toxin, but I doubt ScareCrow will be in 3. I don't know how else they could do it. Maybe Mark Millar is just running mouth.

darklordzor4798d ago

I think Scarecrow will be back, but not in any big role. I think he's doomed to be what he was in the last film, a joke basically. Something that helps tie all the films together in kind of a funny way. It just shows that Batman has to deal with the same guys over and over.

And yeah, I really think Millar is just running his mouth about it. I mean, we've never heard of him being buddy buddy with Nolan or the other writers on it, and I doubt the studio would be giving away tidbits from Nolan's script to anybody. So where is this source of his coming from?

Soldierone4799d ago

I don't like Mark Miller, I don't think his work is anything special, and I hate how he complains alot aboout everything.

However he is a big wig at WB lately. He even pushed for the new Superman, and tried to be a writer for it. So in all likelyhood he is most likely talking with Nolan in some ways or not. Maybe they are friends now?

Soldierone4799d ago

I already said it before, I see this happening lol. It will happen purely because spiderman will have the Lizard in it. The two franchises through TV shows, comics, everything have always had the similar stories go at the same times.

Like I said it won't be the main villian, it will be a secondary villian or a villian introduced near the end of the film. Nolan may only be signed to do 3 films, however its not like WB is gonna let a cash cow go away easily.

JL4799d ago

I'm just not sure. Nolan himself has repeatedly stated how he does not want to introduce any characters that aren't realistic. And certainly Killer Croc would fall under the "unrealistic" category. Being as Nolan has become (and most likely will continue to be) a big cash cow and huge name-draw for them, I say he can pretty much have his way. I'm just not seeing it, and I don't think it would fit into the universe Nolan has created.

As for them continuing after Nolan: I hope not. They need to just let it fade and eventually reboot again. Nobody can take over for Nolan. His are some serious shoes to walk in. On top of that, I think his name/reputation alone is part of the draw of the movies. Even if they do continue and try a fourth without him, once people see the replacements can't match up to Nolan's vision/direction and the Nolan brothers' writing, fan appeal will fade.

darklordzor4798d ago

Yeah, once Nolan moves on, then it's time to put the series to bed for a long time. I'm not saying never make another Batman movie again, but let it rest for a bit.

I agree that Killer Croc just seems too fantastical for Nolan's film. It's possible that they could do it to where it's some sort of skin abnormality and he's just a massive bad guy (like LTSkittles said), but even that still seems like more than Nolan would do. I mean, he didn't even use the acid origin for Joker because it was too out there.

Soldierone4798d ago

The thing is the whole Batman universe is out there and not believable. The way he said it is he doesn't want to make it seem fake, he wants to make everything seem real. Having killer kroc is viable if done right. That and you don't have alot of villians to choose from if you stick with purely viable realistic characters. You'd had to have Joker alot, then have to develop other characters like the Riddler more than is needed.

And I honestly believe WB will keep going, or at least try. Put Nolan in the Producer chair just to keep his name on it, then have someone else run with it. If it works then they keep the cash cow, if not then it will end after 2 movies. I honestly don't want to see another reboot of Batman, I'm sick of superhero origin stories. The universe is so big and vibrant, yet Hollywood cant get past the basics.

Djinn4798d ago

This is the guy wrote Ultimates 1+2. I'll believe anything this wonderful man says.

darklordzor4798d ago

Yeah but that doesn't mean he has the inside track on anything. He's a good writer, but that doesn't automatically make him an insider on Nolan's happenings.


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