Facebook Movie May be Changing Opinions About Site

CNN: "That movie about Facebook -- more formally known as "The Social Network" -- appears to be changing people's attitudes about the real website."

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darklordzor4235d ago

I don't get how these are astounding results really. Isn't this just the way of technology. Younger people like it more, and the older crowds' interest begins to wane as it continues?

JimRome4234d ago

Adults grow out of it. I don't think it's technology.

When we're younger, all we have to worry about is school, relationships, social happenstances, etc. etc..

When we're older, we have other things to worry about then updating our facebooks. Such as bills, work, children, spouses, etc, etc....

darklordzor4230d ago

Yeah, that's partly what I meant...Not that old people don't use technology (Heaven knows my grandma is on the computer more than me) but that they eventually grow out of such things. When you realize that your friends are actually the people you talk to (on the phone or in person) then Facebook friends don't matter as much.