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Aaron Sorkin Responds to a Commenter in Blog

Kenlevine: "Many thanks to Aaron Sorkin for graciously responding to a commenter on my review of SOCIAL NETWORK. Having Aaron Sorkin contribute to your blog is like having Vin Scully agree to call your Little League game. He posted in the comments section but I think it's worthy of its own post. He responds to a reader named Tarazza. Here's her comment followed by his. Again, many thanks Aaron. And you too, Tarazza."

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darklordzor4273d ago

You know part of the problem is that the book this movie is based off made it very clear, that the reason they created Facebook was to get women and get laid. So from that point of view, that's exactly how the women are going to be portrayed because that was the point for the creators. I don't think it's failing the women in there, but helping to craft a story from that perspective.