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No Fine Over Transformers 3 Accident

IGN:"Authorities in Indiana have concluded their investigation into the September 1 accident on the set of Transformers 3 that left a female extra with serious head injuries and concluded that Paramount Pictures should not be fined over it.

Associated Press reports: "Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Administration spokesman Marc Lotter says an investigation found the Sept. 1 accident occurred due to the failure of a weld connecting a car to a tow cable. He says the weld was made by a certified welder and all necessary safety precautions were in place. Lotter says the mishap was 'an unfortunate and unforeseeable accident.'"

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Soldierone4367d ago

Wow I still think its fake, and even if it wasn't ok she shouldn't be fined thats beyond obvious. The cop on the other hand is the one that should be questionable on getting punished. Its obvious they were filming and doing something, so it was his fault not hers. Even if it was a complete accident, it doesn't mean she is at fault just because he was a cop.

JL4367d ago (Edited 4367d ago )

I think the picture might be misleading. This isn't about that car crash. It's about the stunt woman or whatnot that got hurt during shooting of some big stunt, when something hit her in the head.

Edit: I've changed the image to avoid further confusion. But yea, this is about the woman from a month ago.

darklordzor4366d ago

Yeah, you're getting it confused with the car crash that just happened. Look in the description, it talks about the accident that happened in September with the stunt lady.

She's the one that's suing now too, saying that they were negligent. I don't think she has a right to sue (part of stunt work is knowing these risks are associated with it), and agree that the studios shouldn't be fined over it. Some things really are just accidents.

Soldierone4366d ago

haha my bad people! I re read it and the entire time my mind was thinking about the other one. It wont let me delete it now though....

JL4366d ago

Nope, can't delete comments.

And I also agree that she really has no right to sue. There are certain dangers to the job. It's almost like those people that make this huge "oh so unexpected" deal out of something like a cop getting shot in the line of work. To me the thought is always like: Um, I'm pretty sure he knew the possibility we he signed up that chasing around criminals could lead to bad things happening to him. So it dilutes some/most of the sympathy I have for the situation. No offense Dark since I think I remember you saying you were a cop, as it's definitely never something I'd wish on another or condone.

Also, I think the fact that the studio has been cleared and deemed not liable enough to be fined, that will be a huge dent in her case and doesn't help her at all.

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