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Sony's New 'Spider-Man' Villain Is ... The Lizard

TheWrap: Rhys Ifans will play Dr. Curt Connors, better known as The Lizard, in Marc Webb's "Spider-Man," TheWrap has learned.

There had been rumors across the blogosphere that Sony was thinking of bringing back Venom for the franchise reboot, but that character will not be featured in the movie, two individuals familiar with the project have told TheWrap.

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Soldierone4245d ago

This just proves they are going the high school route and being more upfront with Spidey. So its gonna be cool. These good stories always start out with the lizard, go to a gang of villians, stay at Venom for a while, then get more epic with Carnage and what not.

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Kingdom Come4244d ago

No Tobey Maguire, No Sam Raimi, No Spiderman. :/

darklordzor4244d ago

I guess we really all saw this coming didn't we? That's been most of the speculation since news of the reboot came out, but most were just waiting for that 'official' confirmation.

Personally, I'm not sure what to think. I love spider-man, but don't have much hope for this reboot. I like The Lizard, but never found him a villain that could really stand on his own. He always seemed like a great secondary villain. Maybe in the scope of Parker dealing with high school and smaller things instead of saving everyone, the Lizard will be perfect.

Soldierone4244d ago

Lizard is nothing more than an enemy that teachers Spiderman and the viewers what Spiderman is. He isn't too powerful or smart etc....he is just a villian. He is usuelly early in Spiderman stories because the early stories are busy developing Spidey, Peter Parker, and Gwen, so they throw in a bad guy to show you there is action, he does have powers, and he is smart about it.

Its alot better than jumping into a massive battle and not having any character development at all. Firstm ovie is going to be story driven, and the villian doesnt really matter. It could of been the Lizard, his crew, or Green Goblin (but they didnt want to mimmick the past movies so good choice not using him).

darklordzor4244d ago

I hope that if they do more films in this reboot that they come back to the Green Goblin and make him as a big a villain as he deserves. Honestly he's like Batman's Joker. He's a pivotal returning villain for Spider-Man who truly is his arch-nemesis.

You're more than likely right; Lizard will just be someone there to give Spidey a challenge, but overall the focus will be on the story and coming into his powers sort of thing. Then again, they could change the Lizard up and make him really bad ass.

Soldierone4238d ago

I never saw Green Goblin as that. He is a main villian that should be re-visited, but i think Spidermans Joker has to be Venom. Every Spidey universe revolves around when Venom appears, not Goblin.

tunaks14244d ago

ironically this would have been perfect for spiderman 4. DR Conners is already introduced and he still has a piece of the symbiote. Perfect intro to lizard and a great segway into carnage. Unfortunately were getting a unnecessary reboot.

Soldierone4244d ago

I'm pretty sure its following similar story to the Spectacular Spiderman that currently airs.

Plus Rami couldnt develop that many characters to begin with and was pushing sony to make a 4th and 5th Spiderman, but couldnt do it.

darklordzor4244d ago

I really like Raimi and what he did for Spider-Man. Sure everyone focuses on Spider-Man 3 and how poorly put together it was, but we can't forget Spider-Man 2, which is one of the best movie adaptations around. He did a phenomenal job with that film, and I think he let himself get carried away with the 3rd.

Chances are it could have been the studios influence that really had the impact on 3 and not Raimi. Remember in early interviews Raimi repeatedly said, he was a fan of the old Spider-Man comics and wasn't likely to ever use Venom. Then fans kept demanding it, so I think the studio pressured him to include the symbiote.

tunaks14244d ago (Edited 4244d ago )

"I'm pretty sure its following similar story to the Spectacular Spiderman that currently airs. "
SS was cancelled right? And werent they supposedly going to follow the ultimate universe?

"Plus Rami couldnt develop that many characters to begin with and was pushing sony to make a 4th and 5th Spiderman, but couldnt do it."

Sony was pushing for 4-6, they forced venom down his throats too.

SP3 was a good film, not near SP2 level but much better then the first.

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