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Rumor: Tom Hardy Reunited With 'Inception' Helmer Chris Nolan On 'Batman'

Deadline: EXCLUSIVE: While Tom Hardy's plan to play Mad Max in the George Miller-directed Mad Max: Fury Road has hit another delay, the fast-rising Hardy's in the mix for another big film at Warner Bros. I'm told that Hardy has been set by his Inception director Chris Nolan for a lead role in the next Batman film at Warner Bros. Insiders are keeping the role secret and won't even say if he's up for a villain role, but that seems a reasonable assumption.

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darklordzor4239d ago

That would be pretty interesting if he were a villain. I honestly haven't seen enough of him to say whether or not that would be a good thing though. One thing's for certain: they need to freakin' hurry up with the new Mad Max movie. I've been waiting for that for a long time and was so excited when they finally started working on it. Now...nothing.

JL4239d ago

Hmm...bad news first? Ok: You do realize Fury Road has been delayed again right? Production has been pushed back again and won't start until February 2012.

That being said, I agree in that I haven't seen enough on Hardy to be convinced on him one way or another. Though if this news is true, it appears Nolan has faith enough in him. To that, I gotta at least be optimistic, cause Nolan always seems to have good judgment.

The only thing I absolutely don't want: no Killer Croc. Please don't make that the villain like rumors are suggesting. That would just be bad and wouldn't fit into the Batman universe that Nolan has created.