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How to Train Your Dragon TV Series Headed To Cartoon Network

Screen Crave: Just yesterday we got some solid details regarding DreamWorks sequel to How to Train Your Dragon, and now they’ve made another jaw dropping announcement. The big movie is headed to the small screen — as a TV series. According to a press release sent out by The Cartoon Network, they’ll be the new home to a regular animated series based on the popular film.

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Soldierone4239d ago

I heard good reviews for this film but was it really this good? Dreamworks is making out sound like its godly out of no where. Already announcing a second and now this. Does it even have enough potential to make this work?

tunaks14239d ago

good film,
no need for a show.

darklordzor4239d ago

It was a great movie, and one of the few I felt that really did 3D justice. I'm looking forward to a sequel. I can see how that 'universe' is set up for a continuing story and TV show, but I can't see it being any good. It would only dilute what made the first film so great.