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Adrien Brody May Become Ant-Man for The Avengers

Screen Rant: Has one of Marvel Studios’ surprise announcements for San Diego Comic-Con 2010 been revealed? Could Adrien Brody be playing Ant-Man in The Avengers?

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darklordzor4239d ago

I tired of all of these back and forth rumors. One interview says he's not going to do it, another says he does, and it just keeps flip flopping. I love movie news and being able to get everything as it happens, but part of me misses the days when they waited to announce things (or make news out of it) until things were actually confirmed.

Soldierone4239d ago

Personally I think he is a cool guy, just isn't a strong actor yet. Being Antman isn't really going to help him improve either since that part is kinda lame compared to the other characters.

darklordzor4239d ago

See I disagree with you a little there. I think Brody is a very strong actor (doesn't mean he's made the best choices in films)and does a great job with whatever role he's played. Really no one could have imagined him as some sort of tough guy, but look at how bad ass he turned out to be in Predators. He filled the role beautifully.

Though I will agree that Ant-Man won't be very exciting. He's not a character many people care about and he is lame. Doing the movie at all seems like a bad idea.

JL4239d ago

I think dark nailed it on the head there. It's not his acting ability that might be somewhat questionable, but his film choices. He did very good in The Jacket and The Pianist. He was also real good in Darjeeling Limited. I actually enjoy him in all his roles, he adapts well. I think he's a very good actor. But again, he can be in some fairly weak movies at times.