'Kick-Ass 2' Movie Not Coming Soon, Says Lyndsy Fonseca

MTV: Ever since "Kick-Ass" brought its fresh, violent, foul-language-laden take on the superhero movie to the big screen in April, everyone involved — from director Matthew Vaughn to star Aaron Johnson to Mark Millar, the co-creator of the comic on which the film is based — have talked up the sequel. Rumors have swirled that Millar was working on a script and that Vaughn had an eye to direct when he'd wrapped work on that other superhero flick he's spearheading, "X-Men: First Class."

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JL4242d ago

I'm fine with that. No need to rush things. Not like we need to be pumping out sequels every year like some studios would have you believe. I really enjoyed Kick-Ass, but I'm also fine waiting some time before we get the sequel. Especially with the argument that they do indeed need to wait till more comics are written to give them source material.

On a bit of a side note though, I'm NOT ok with that use of "if". I don't want a sequel to be questionable. I definitely want it done at some point. If I have to wait...fine. But I do want it to eventually come. ifs please.

darklordzor4242d ago (Edited 4242d ago )

Agreed. There needs to be a sequel to this movie. It shouldn't be in doubt, and honestly I don't think it is. I really feel they're waiting for the right time.

Kick-Ass was fun, but not without it's flaws. Pumping out another film right now would only exacerbate those flaws instead of fixing them. Then we're left with a terrible sequel, and a franchise that once had potential now dead.

I say let them take their time and work out and kinks. Make sure they have a solid script and then dive right in. Besides it's not like we'll be lacking for comic book movies any time soon.

Soldierone4242d ago

I think the story itself is strong enough to get a sequal out, but the crew behind it probably couldn't top it. I mean when a second film comes out in a franchise, i expect the quality to be better than the first. Another issue is if they wait, or try to turn it into a franchise, then what happens to Hit Girl? She is obviously going to age really fast at that age.

To be honest, it is going to happen and its going to happen soon. Only reason they are saying this is to sell the first one. Once that dies down, and the studio has a gap somewhere in releases, this will see a second.