Nathan Fillion Gunning For Role Of Nathan Drake

PSX Extreme writes: "If they have to make an "Uncharted" movie, perhaps there's only one thing they need to do- cast Nathan Fillion as Nathan Drake.

After the confirmation that David O. Russell has signed on to write and direct the big-screen adaptation of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, people have started to wonder...who's gonna play Drake? Well, Nathan Fillion - of "Firefly" and "Serenity" fame, among many other things - has been suggested by more than a few gamers, and guess what? Fillion himself seems to want the role."

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JL4242d ago

I do not like Fillion as Drake. I have never been found of this idea like it seems the masses are. For one, he looks too old (just talking appearance as years don't look like they've been kind to him). Secondly, just no. I don't like it. Don't see him in the part really. I don't see the appeal. He doesn't come across well enough as that "every man" to me.

Really the only argument I ever hear for him to be Drake is "Oh look at him...he looks just like Drake". I'm sorry but that's not a compelling argument for me. The personality is FAR more important in this role than looks. Granted we don't want Kevin James or Wesley Snipes playing Nathan Drake, but it doesn't have to be an exact look-alike either.

Most important is that the personality is nailed. Need someone who is an every man, who has an air of confidence/arrogance, but at the same time is funny and has a good sense of humor and comedic timing.

That being said, my vote for Drake: James Roday.

no_more_heroes4242d ago

You know what? Given what I know of Uncharted, I don't hate that idea.

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Cyrus3654242d ago

Why not the actor that portrayed drake, he's actually an actor....

If they want comedy type, non hero how about Brendan Frasor, he basically played a similar role in mummy and mummy 2.

JL4242d ago

First: No Golden, I can't delete posts. It's fine, we'll just leave it there.

And yes, I definitely like James Roday as Nathan Drake. He could definitely hit that personality. He'll have to be less cowardly/sissy/metro than his Psych role. But he can man up as seen in Dukes of Hazzard. And it would be interesting to see him get serious too, which we've seen glimpses of in Psych and he does good.

As for Nolan North (the voice actor that did Drake), the problem is he's old. Like 40 or so. On top of that, he's just a voice actor, so I'm not sure how well he'd do on the big screen. If he could cut it though and they wanted to sign him, I'd definitely be happy about that choice as well.

Absolutely no on Brendan though. For the very simple reason that he IS Rick O'Connell from The Mummy. It would be akin to bringing in Harrison Ford to do it. Just the Drake role is SO similar to Indiana Jones and Rick O'Connell for either of them to do it. Not to mention, I don't think we need a big name for this role. In fact, I'd be more than happy to have even lesser known than James Roday if they wanted and could find somebody that fit the role well.

no_more_heroes4242d ago

You know what? Given what I know of Uncharted, I don't hate that idea.