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Iron Man 2 DVD & Blu-Ray Sales Report - Large $64 Million Debut

Iron Man 2 made it's hotly anticipated release on the Home Video Market on September 28th, 2010, and now DVD/Blu-Ray sales have been reports. The movie directed by Jon Favreau had an impressive start, selling more than 2 million copies, and taking in nearly $65 million domestically.

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Kiri4225d ago

With the money they invest into making an awesome Ironman movie, they can just build an ironman themself.

I'm just saying.

Soldierone4225d ago

But if the quality is the same, that suit will end up like the first suit in the first movie. Blown up into bits and peices all over the desert.

Kiri4225d ago

Let's hope the quality isn't the same then. I would really like to one day see an real life ironman conference showing off its flying capabilities.

Soldierone4225d ago

Kinda sad to be seeing this film doing so well. I know its marketing and the fact that Iron Man and Downey Jr are icons, but to me the quality was low and not worth paying to see. I felt betrayed when watching it.

Kiri4225d ago

The movie was actually quite good. The only problem was the fact that Terrence Howard got fired. He'd be a much better War Machine than the other guy