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MindFood: Bring the Supervillains Back to Superhero Movies

Hollywood - Hollywood never played with action figures as a kid. That's an abstract statement, sure, but clearly it's true. How else do you explain an industry that's obsessed with making superhero movies but can't be bothered with making unique supervillains? No kid with any kind of an imagination grabs his Superman action figure and imagines him fighting off Lex Luthor's outlandish schemes to drive up real estate prices. No kid sitting in front of Saturday-morning cartoons with his box of toys imagines Batman's crusade to help protect the reputation of the new district attorney. Why? Because that's boring.

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darklordzor3992d ago

Mostly I disagree. Those way over-the-top and fantastical characters is what made most comic book movies cartoony and a joke for so long. I think Joker in Dark Knight was an excellent villain and was more entertaining than a bare-knuckle brawl with Bane or Clayface would have been.

When you do anything in film, you ask the audience to suspend disbelief to a certain degree, but the more you stretch it, the harder it is for your audience to buy it. And if you think a Russian with the ability to create an army of drones and then give himself a powerful Iron Man like suit is too realistic...then hope may be lost.