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Eric Stoltz as the Original Marty McFly

HollywoodReporter: "Everyone knows the classic 1985 film "Back to the Future" featured a boyish Michael J. Fox in a winning performance as Marty McFly.

But Fox was not the original McFly. In fact, Eric Stoltz was five weeks into shooting the famed McFly role when director and co-writer Robert Zemeckis made a drastic production decision -- changing his lead actor."

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darklordzor4246d ago

Wow, that's incredible. It's so weird seeing those exact same scenes with someone else as McFly. That's incredibly cool. These days I couldn't see a movie company letting that happen though (who would have thought they'd go with it back then?). There's no way a company these days would really let a filmmaker start over and redo 5 weeks of shooting unless something horrible happened.

likedamaster4245d ago

We're thankful they did replace him. MJF was perfect, imo.