The Dark Knight Sequel – Rumors Continue to Grow Now That Nolan Has Officially Signed On

A couple of weeks ago, and to no surprise to Batman fans, Christopher Nolan officially signed on to direct the Dark Knight sequel. Nolan is notorious for being tight lipped on his projects, but that doesn’t keep the rumor mill from churning out gossip all over the world wide web.

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darklordzor4243d ago

Batman 3 is one of those movies that is going to continue stirring up rumors (despite even what the director says) until it's actually released. With the recent trend of filmmakers misleading their fans, no one believes them anymore when they make statements like "this definitely isn't in there" or "for sure".

Even when they're being sincere (like the thing about Harvey Dent that came out soon after Dark Knight was released) the fans think they might be misled. I don't think Nolan is one to do that. Sure he won't tell you what he's doing, but he won't necessarily lie about it either.

JL4243d ago

That stuff does get old too. While I understand the reasoning (the misleading like you state), I also don't think Nolan is that type of guy and people need to let some of these rumors go. I still hear rumors and talks about Robin showing up. Or talks about the Penguin or even Catwoman (as was mentioned in this article too). All of those have been confirmed by Nolan/Goyer as not being in Batman 3.

That being said, some of the rumor and speculation can be fun. It's fun to talk about at times, but people gotta let the ruled out rumors go.

On a side note, I didn't actually know this was definitely Nolan's last Batman. That kinda makes me a bit sad. However, on the same hand it does give me hope in knowing that he'll definitely deliver on this one.

Soldierone4243d ago

I think movies, and even video games, have a hit point where this is so common that the fans have no faith in their words. Its like hiding secret business plans. Why bother? You are there for the fans, why hide the secrets? I know some things you hide, like a suprise villian or something. But hide it another way.

Like tell us all kinds of things, talk about a new batman suit, or new Batmobile etc...Give us food, then hide the desert in the back closet till release.

darklordzor4242d ago

See and that's why I don't get why everyone thinks Nolan is deceiving them all. All of those things you talked about (giving us details on the suit, batmobile, etc) are all of the things Nolan has done with the Batman films in the past. Remember when he gave us our first look at the Joker nearly a year before the film released?

JL, I agree. It's time for some people to let those rumors go, but I guess they're most likely the ones who want them to be true. I think it would be interesting to see Robin in these new films, but it doesn't seem like something he'd set up in just one film.

JL4242d ago

Yea probably not. Though I guess Robin has been done for only one film before. However, Nolan himself has flat out said he doesn't like Robin and wouldn't put him in one of his movies.

As for rumors, I completely understand wanting certain things to be true so badly. However, at some point you gotta let that go. And that point should typically be when the director/writer tells you it's not happening and he/they have never done anything to mislead before.

That being said, I'm loving all the speculation and wondering about this and that. I feel like a kid in the weeks before Christmas, trying to size up packages and guess what might be in "that box". lol

Can't wait till we get more (solid) information on this movie.

darklordzor4242d ago

'That being said, I'm loving all the speculation and wondering about this and that. I feel like a kid in the weeks before Christmas, trying to size up packages and guess what might be in "that box". lol'

Yeah too bad this is still a couple years away!

Soldierone4242d ago

The only thing that sucks for me is being a film student you cant treat movies the same anymore. They train you to nitpick and destroy movies, not pay attention to things like this, and understand the tricks they toss at the public haha.

That being said I'm with Nolan. I hate Robin, he always ruins the feel of Batman rather it be the comics or the cartoons, and I feel he isn't needed at all. Especially in Nolans films. That would tone it down so much that itd be like watching a whole new franchise.

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