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The Spider-Man Reboot - Emma Stone and Rhys Ifans Confirmed

The Movie411: It was recently announced that Emma Stone of Superbad fame(who can also currently be seen in Easy A) has been cast in the role of Gwen Stacy in the new Spider-Man reboot. Stone will play alongside newcomer Andrew Garfield(The Social Network), who fills the shoe's of Peter Parker. True to the comics, Stone will be sporting blond hair for the role, as opposed to her usual red. Some may be asking, "What about Mary Jane?", and this is exactly why I am excited about this film. We can glean quite a bit about the plot simply because the leading female character is Gwen Stacy.

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darklordzor4246d ago

I'm pretty sure when they announced the reboot the producers already stated they were planning on following the Ultimate Spider-Man storyline of comics, and that the focus would be on Peter Parker in his teen years in high school. I think Gwen will be the main girl in this film simply because a Mary Jane would have been announced by now (most likely) if it was an important role.

I do have that strong feeling she will die though, if only for the studios to make the point of saying "See! It's not like the others."

Soldierone4246d ago

Yeah they confirmed it and this is the way I always wanted the movies to go. Spidey always had a better chemistry with Gwen, even the cartoons started using her over MJ.

MJ doesn't need to be in the first film, as she didn't come till later. However if there is more movies, she will be announced eventually as she plays an important part no matter what. I just wonder if they will make a big deal about Spidey losing Gwen, rather it be death or just plain going after MJ instead.

Soldierone4246d ago

Fantastic! I got the story I wanted to see, one of the best actresses in a vital role, and solid hopes for the reboot! Can't wait to check it out!

4246d ago