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Video: Transformers 3 "Bumblebee" Car Hits Police Cruiser

Dcist: "Fox 5 reports that the vehicle was indeed an Metropolitan Police Department SUV, and that the wreck was not supposed to happen.

There aren't a whole lot of big-time action movie shoots in D.C., so perhaps those tasked with keeping the line between filming and real life are a little rusty. A tipster sends in the above video, which appears to depict the yellow "Bumblebee" sports convertible, which will feature prominently in Transformers 3, t-boning a police cruiser which happened to be driving down 3rd Street SW during filming. The "Bumblebee" apparently was cruising down Maryland Avenue near the National Museum of the American Indian, when it stuck the police vehicle at the Avenue's intersection with 3rd Street. The above video was shot from the Voice of America building at 330 Independence Avenue SW."

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Soldierone4285d ago

Thats gotta be set up. If not the Cops just an idiot. I call fake purely because these sets are closed, and if a cop was turning his lights on and racing throw the middle of a shot then everything would of been stopped and changed.

JimRome4285d ago (Edited 4285d ago )

DC cops do that on the reg. They'll pull you over if you have a nice car,just to ask where you're going

Soldierone4285d ago

I drive an 86 Camaro, so I know how that is haha. I hate cops because of it. Seriously if you want a differnt perspective of cops, or you want to see why certain people hate them so badly, go rent a sports car and follow all the rules and watch how many cops tail you and even pull you over for unkown reasons.

darklordzor4285d ago

I don't honestly know on this one. At the beginning of the video we see an Ambulance truck driving by as well with it's lights going before they started rolling on the scene (plus it was going a different direction so I doubt it was part of that scene), and you can hear the sirens throughout. Then the police car drives by with his lights and sirens going, so it's possible there was some incident he was responding too, and not paying attention.

The problem when you film in a real city and use the real roads for lots of driving scenes, it's hard to close everything off, so it's not impossible that the officer could have gotten in (like that ambulance) without being knowing it.

I'm saying it's plausible that it's real. You just never know with Michale Bay.

Soldierone4285d ago

Yeah its slightly possible that a cop could squeeze through. After all 90 percent of them over use their authority and think they can ignore the general public.

However if that were true, the second his sirens were heard near the filming everything would of been stopped. All the drivers are listening to everything, and they know the second something goes wrong. So either this is somewhat behind the scenes and no where near where they were shooting, or its fake. That or they simply did mess up something and it went wrong, its just my opinion lol.

darklordzor4285d ago

LOL! I'm actually a cop.

I think it's possible but it's hard to tell. It really could have just been an accident and it slipped through on both sides. Guess we'll find out when the movie comes out.

elcompa4254285d ago

Apparently, there were news reporters on the scene....and they asked...apparently the cop didn't get the memo....

Soldierone4285d ago

I still don't beleive it. It's been pulled before, gets attention for the filming. Even the last Tom Cruise movie had fake "news" reports running about and what not, about how he got kicking in the groin or something. It wasn't belivable, but its an example.

Then Cloverfield for example, there were news reports galore with that film. All fake.

elcompa4254285d ago

I can't be friends with COPSS!!! haha, I kid...but idk, I forgot about the other movies using the media for attention. Kind of like a black flag crisis....even so, if it is true, this cop deserves a "C'MON MANNN!!"

darklordzor4285d ago

Oh I totally agree. If he wasn't paying attention that's his own fault. I was just reading about this on and they're reporting it as an actual event, where the officer was responding to something and stumbled into the scene.

Maybe they have all the facts, or maybe they've been duped too.

Soldierone4285d ago

@ darklordzor BTW don't get me wrong. I respect the cops that dont abuse authority and treat normal people with respect. I've met a few of those and shook their hands and even said "i wish all cops were like you."

Its just I've had alot of troubles with several cops so I kinda make my voice heard about how alot of them need to go back through basic training, and learn why they even have a job to begin with.

darklordzor4285d ago

Here's another video from a different angle and shows the aftermath. I don't think this was on purpose. You can see that they do immediately shut things down and begin covering up all of the cars.