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Explosive & Exclusive 'Super 8' Set Video

From Shock Till You Drop:

"This footage looks like J.J. Abrams is shooting Cloverfield 2, but we've been assured in the past that his latest directorial effort, Super 8, isn't that at all. Still, big thanks to Shock reader Patrick for the set video below which finds a convoy of tanks rolling down a suburban street blasting away at...something. There's a big explosion, too. Note that these guys are targeting something above them. Is the creature featured in Super 8 larger than we expect?"

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darklordzor4236d ago

I don't care what Abrams says, until I see this film, I'm still going to believe it's related to Cloverfield. This set video only makes me believe it more. It's very reminiscent of what we saw of the army in action during Cloverfield. I think the trailer still points to that.

Let's look at it. It's another monster/alien movie. It's about something that escapes but we don't know what. It's all very familiar. I'm still all for it being some sort of origin story, about where the Cloverfield monster came from.

I could be wrong (it's happened before) but I really hope I'm not. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Either way, I'm glad to see things happening with this film, and it's looking pretty darn intense.

Soldierone4236d ago

I'm pretty sure he has been noted about saying it was a "pre-qual" to Cloverfield. Kinda like how it happened in history before, since Super 8 is old time footage. So it will probably have Cloverfield connections, I just wouldn't expect it to be called Cloverfield 2. Mostly due to the fact that the naming of Cloverfield was a last minute resort.

That or they are covering it up like Cloverfield and keeping it top secret.

Soldierone4236d ago

JJ Abrams is my favorite director right now. He is so creative and makes amazing works of art. I hate Star Trek, always have, and even that film done by him was interesting and better than the others. It was like the first re-done film of a classic where people were liking it and saying it was better.

That and I LOVE Monster movies, and recently no one has even dared to venture into that area. We have Monsters coming out, which looks neat, but thats it. Cloverfield by far is one of my favorite movies ever made. This looks like it might top it.

darklordzor4235d ago

I'm with you buddy. I grew up on monster movies and love all of them (even the cheesy ones). Not enough directors have tried out the genre even though there is a big audience out there for it.

I really can't wait to see what he does with Super 8, and part of me wants him to just hurry up and be done with it so he can get on to the next Star Trek film. His reboot was phenomenal and brought a lot of fun to the series (which it had started lacking).