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One Budget to Ruin Them: The Hobbit Destined to Become Most Expensive Film of All Time "IT MAY be a light-hearted children's tale, but Peter Jackson's long-awaited adaptation of The Hobbit is set to become the most expensive movies of all time.
The two-part prequel to Jackson's The Lord of the Rings trilogy, after almost a decade in development hell, is expected to cost"

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darklordzor4247d ago

Wow! And Peter Jackson has done nothing but talk about how he wants to make it cheap and quick. I really wonder if that price tag won't just kill it off. Although, with all of the money they've already put into it, it seems like they still try and get it made, just so they can get something out of it.

elcompa4254247d ago

That even if they spend all that money, they will make a good deal out of it too.....just think of the people who were infatuated with LOTR movies....The Hobbit is no exception, I will be watching this. YEziirr

JimRome4247d ago

Care how much it costs....I want me The Hobbit...just get it done. I know Peter Jackson will not disappoint, the guy is one of my favorite directors.

darklordzor4246d ago

I'm wondering at this point, with all of the issues, if they've considered just dropping it down to one film. Instead of doing the in between film that doesn't deal with the book (they said the first film should cover the book. And if it doesn't there would be ways to rework it), just do the first one. That way they could save a lot of the cost and maybe get this thing done quicker.

I'm not saying they should do that, because I'd love to see both films, but I wonder if it's crossed their minds.