Both 'The Flash' And 'Green Lantern 2' Scripts Coming In To Warner Bros By Xmas

Deadline: "I've just learned that the latest script for the Dc Comics character The Flash will be handed into Warner Bros between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Marc Guggenheim and Michael Green are writing the draft, and Greg Berlanti did the story with them. No word on who'll direct The Flash yet, but I can tell you it's doubtful it'll be Berlanti, even though his very different Life As We Know It came in #2 at the box office for the studio this weekend. And his freshman TV superpowers series No Ordinary Family is now ABC's most promising new drama, doing respectable business as a self-starter in one of the most competitive time slots. "

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darklordzor4238d ago

I could totally live without a Flash movie. I like the character, but it seems like he would be better suited for a TV series instead of a film focusing on him. I know he's a hero in his own right, but he always seems to do his best and works well when he's a secondary or support character (i.e. the Justice League, and helping out other heroes).

I guess there's no stopping it though....

Soldierone4238d ago

Its all apart of WB's plan to milk the Justice League, before releasing the Justice League. I fully agree, he isn't strong enough to act on his own, but they will figure something out. It won't be the greatest superhero film, but at least it will be done.

This whole "Ryan Reynolds" is perfect for every part thing needs to stop too. He is a great actor, awesome actor, but he isn't perfect for everything and soon enough his face will be too known to have any effect on viewers.

darklordzor4237d ago

I agree. I love Ryan Reynolds and think he's a wonderful actor in everything he does, but he isn't perfect for everything. I still think Nathan Filion has the best personality for the Flash.

Garethvk4237d ago

Both will be done in that crappy Converted 3D as well.