zConnection: Zombie Flicks You Need To See

Connor Beaton writes: "Even the most knowledgeable zombie connoisseur probably hasn’t seen every zombie movie ever made; there are simply too many to see in a normal lifetime. We could blame George Romero in part for this; his Night of the Living Dead haunted viewers and inspired most of the film-makers who would later go on to create their own zombie movies. There are a plethora of zombie films out there: productions both domestic and foreign, professional and independent, good and bad. In this article we’ve compiled a few zombie flicks any self-respecting horror fan must see."

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darklordzor4238d ago

Glad to see Shaun of the Dead on there. I think that's one of the best Zombie movies to date. While it's mostly a comedy, it doesn't skimp on the gore either like any good zombie movie should have. It tackles the genre well, while expanding into new ares.

I'm so glad to see a zombie film list that didn't have Resident Evil on there (I've seen too many of those lists and I just can't take them seriously). All in all, those are some seriously good movies, and I'm sure most zombie-lovers have already seen them.