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Isamot the "Lizard Lantern" to Appear in Green Lantern Movie

Reelzchannel: "DC Entertainment Creative Director Geoff Johns announced during the currently ongoing New York Comic Con that the first trailer for Green Lantern (GL) would debut before Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, but that wasn't the only interesting tidbit of GL news to come out of the Green Lantern: Emerald Empire panel. When asked about whether the "lizard lantern" known as Isamot Kol was actually named after DC Comics editor Peter Tomasi (Isamot is Tomasi backwards), Johns confirmed the name connection and then revealed that Isamot would make an appearance in the GL live-action movie that is currently in post-production."

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Soldierone4001d ago

Being somewhat of a Lanter fan, this seems to be pretty common sense to me? This just proves that its an origin story, so he will talk to other Lanterns, and possibly leave Earth. Hopefully he doesn't stay there like in the animated movie.

elcompa4254001d ago

I see what you're saying but where is robin in the batman movies? This is pretty big, in my eyes. Hopefully, they pull it through and it doesn't seem like a tack on.

Soldierone4001d ago

At the same time Robin isn't essential to Batman. He was tacked on late in the comics to have new stories develop. Plus everytime Robin is in a Batman film its ruined haha.

darklordzor4000d ago

See I'm really hoping that they do quite a bit of it outside of Earth. Maybe not the whole thing, but that's what had me so interested in a Green Lantern movie. He's one of the few comic book superheros that ever travels outside of the planet and helps solve problems around the universe. He's not tied down to just one thing, but is a true hero helping out everywhere.

It's a concept we haven't really seen explored in a comic book movie before either, so it would be incredibly fun to see the aliens and deal with all of that.

I'm sure plenty will take place on Earth, but I'm really more excited to see the Sci-Fi elements of this film come out.

Soldierone4000d ago

The only problem is you lose that connection when you do that. If he is tied down to Earth, then people root for him since he is protecting "us." If he is off fighting in outer space, then its a sci-fi flick thats really far out there, not alot of people will connect with it. While it may be cool, just loses some connection.

The cool thing is if they go about it properly. Give each Superhero their own little "thing" then bring them together for Justice League. Like Batman is down to earth, Superman is outgoing and a bit out there, Green Lantern doesn't really have anything to do with Earth....etc...