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Gilroy Corrects: Next Bourne Movie Will Be Without Bourne

HollywoodElsewhere: "Director-screenwriter Tony Gilroy (Duplicity, Michael Clayton) feels that Michael Fleming's recent Deadline story about his signing to direct The Bourne Legacy didn't have it quite right, so he called this morning with some notes and corrections. "I'm not trying to slag Fleming," he explained, "but one or two things need to be clarified."

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Soldierone4241d ago

Why even bother then? Thats like making Mission Impossible without Tom Cruise....It just doesn't work unles Cruise retired or something.

JL4241d ago

Exactly. Well...I might not make that comparison, just cause I wouldn't care to see Tom Cruise go away from anything lol. Maybe, more like having a Rocky or Rambo movie without Sly. I've already said it though: No Damon=not watching.

MaximusPrime4240d ago

thats very disappointing news.

Matt Damon played well as Jason Bourne.

JimRome4240d ago

Let's have a MenInBlack movie w.o will smith.....I hate it when studios do this shit. Why, screw up a great series??