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'Star Wars' Fans' Jar Jar Binks Hatred Has Died Down, Actor Says

MTV Writes: "Few names and/or characters in film history elicit a collective groan more than Jar Jar Binks. The number of blog posts, Web pages and Facebook groups dedicated to the universally loathed "Star Wars" character is staggering. As such, the actor who portrayed the clumsy Gungan, Ahmed Best, has been dealing with the brunt of all that negative energy ever since "Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace" was released in 1999. "

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tplarkin74241d ago (Edited 4241d ago )

It was the writing. He was writtin to provide comic relief and it was obvious. You were "supposed" to laugh whenever he spoke. Everything about his role was forced.

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darklordzor4240d ago

It's not so much that I ever hated Jar Jar. Sure I never liked him, but I never understood all of the fans who really wanted his blood. I think his character was too forced and too goofy. He couldn't provide a natural comic relief (like the droids did in the originals) so instead they went with a slapstick approach. Unfortunately slapstick doesn't really work in the Star Wars universe.

I think as time has gone by and fans have been able to get a little distance and perspective, hate for the prequels in general has died down. Fans have gone back and watched them, only to realize they aren't as bad as they thought. Going back and watching Phantom Menace now, I actually think it's the only prequel closest to the Original Trilogy (themes, and tone) than the others.

Soldierone4240d ago

To me its just the "hardcore" Star Wars nerds that are complaining. It's the same ones that don't like the CGI effects or any change made to Star Wars at all. Sure they were good films, but hell I'll admit they can be approved. They have stood the test of time this far, why not make it so they last a bit longer. That way some numbskull doesn't radomly go "hey lets remake star wars and make it all about CGI effects, forget the story!"

I personally didn't like Jar Jar, but at the same time i also didn't like that part of the story either.So its fair all around.

darklordzor4240d ago

I wouldn't label them as hardcore Star Wars fans, maybe a sect of them. Because if anyone is a hardcore fan it would be me. I've got a massive collection that was worth $50,000 back in 2004 and has double - if not tripled - in size since then.

The people who bash the films can't be that big of fans. Sure I like some of the movies better than the others, but that doesn't mean I'll go around bashing all of the others. I'm a Star Wars fan and that entails all that is Star Wars.

Soldierone4240d ago

I'm the same way. I have tons of Star Wars stuff, play all the games, watch all the series, etc...I love Star Wars. Ill admit, I don't know every last detail about every single thing that is Star Wars, but I know enough. I even have the original trilogy on VHS before they added CGI effects, along with the DVD versions, and hopefully soon the Blu-ray versions.

However going to comic con and watching interviews etc...its always Star Wars nerds, I don't know if its hardcore or not, but they always complain about these things all the time. I'm sure even you noticed it? While everyone else is like, thats cool what else can you give us?

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