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'Zoolander 2' Draft Done ... With Role For Will Ferrell

MTV Writes: "Zoolander has taken its time sashaying down the development runway, but have no fear: Everyone's favorite vapid supermodel is on track to arrive in theaters, reportedly in 2012. Justin Theroux, who's co-writing the script with Ben Stiller, assured us of that fact when he stopped by the MTV News skybox at New York Comic-Con on Saturday (October 9). "

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darklordzor4247d ago

I know I shouldn't be so excited about this, but I am. I loved the first film, and it's what I consider a guilty pleasure. It's fun to see films like these, that are so off the wall and almost slapstick, still being made. It's the ridiculous nature of the film that really makes it work.

Seriously, the runway 'walk-off' had me rolling on the ground. If they can keep the same magic for the next film, and bring everyone back, then I'm totally game.

Soldierone4247d ago

Its funny that films like this know just how far to push slapstick too. You have the ones that are just plain stupid and try to be funny with every line, and because of that fail miserbly. Then you have ones like this that know the perfect timing to do something extra stupid to make you laugh.

darklordzor4247d ago

Yeah the movies that go too far with it are those stupid parody films like Meet the Spartans, Not Another Teen Movie, and all in that line of films. They just aren't funny. They try way too hard and fail miserably.

Zoolander hit is just right and I would say so did Talledega Nights.

Soldierone4247d ago

Or pretty much any Will Ferral or Seth Rogan film lol. They have oddballs that do fail, but they learn from mistakes really fast and make the next film better.