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'Predators' Star Adrien Brody Reveals Schwarzenegger's Planned Cameo

MTV Writes: "He was talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger and the chances of getting the "Predator" star involved with the latest installment of the sci-fi/horror franchise. But in the end, the cameo never happened. Arnie stayed put in the California Governor's Mansion, and Adrien Brody and his co-stars traveled alone to the alien world on which "Predators" takes place. The movie arrived in theaters earlier this year with an impressive $25 million opening. "

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darklordzor4002d ago

Yeah, I remember reading online about the alternate ending they had planned for the film, and it was all kinds of awesome. It would have been sweet, but at the same time didn't make a whole lot of sense considering what we know about the Predators.

The alternate ending had a group of predators landing on the planet after Brody kills the last one. They come out and line up along the entry way to the ship, and Brody basically droops his shoulders with resignation. Then out comes one last predator that appears to be leading the group.

He comes right up to Brody's character and takes off his helmet...and it's Arnold! It's his character from the first film who has apparently gone on to lead some of the predators. He then looks down at Brody and says "Not too bad kid."

When I first read that, I thought it was made up. After hearing this interview, it's the truth. That's what he means about the 'passing the torch' scene. I think it could have been cool, but wouldn't make sense with the Predator universe. I would have loved it either way, I'm sure.