Great Debate: Is Zack Snyder The Right Director For Superman?

Cinema Blend Writes : "Even though we seem to see stories about superhero franchise reboots and casting rumors every day, it still qualified as huge news when Zack Snyder was hired to direct the latest take on Superman for Warner Bros. The project is being produced by Christopher Nolan, and many speculated that Nolan would push for a director he could guide through the process, and help emulate his own voice that made Batman Begins and The Dark Knight so successful. Instead the studio hired a director who seems like the opposite of everything Nolan stands for-- style instead of substance, slick visuals instead of deep character motivations, movies that thrill you while they're happening but that you forget as soon as you walk away."

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darklordzor4244d ago

I disagree with the first part of it really. Snyder isn't just a style over substance guy. Watchmen worked and I was totally invested into the characters, on top of looking incredibly awesome. 300 really did lack in the story/development part, but that seems more a product of the material instead of his choices.

I think with Nolan's story, Snyder can make this film amazing. I like to give him some credit though. I think he's a good filmmaker and can tell a story well. Just because he adds a lot of flare to his films doesn't automatically knock him out of it.

Soldierone4244d ago

I have to disagree though. I love Zach Snyder, he has alot of potential, but like alot of the new Directors he is all about impressing people with visuals. Its like Michal Bay with explosions. With Watchmen I was bored out of my mind watching it, the story was so incredibly slow and the characters had no motivation to grasp my attention. With 300 there was no story lol, that was purely "check out 300 guys own up some bad guys!" and nothing more.

Granted Nolan is writing this one, so it should have a good mix of both.