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Zack Snyder's Superman: Pros and Cons

TotalFilm: Zack Snyder has been announced as the person to direct Christopher Nolan and David Goyer's Superman reboot. He emerged as the victor from one of the most varied shortlists of recent times (Darren Aronofsky, Matt Reeves, Tony Scott and Duncan Jones were all rumoured).

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Soldierone4237d ago

I wonder why so many people are iffy on Zack. I mean I'm iffy just because I don't want his slow motion style to be a Superman film, but I have faith that he will make the best Superman film I've seen. I'm just curious if its because his style doesn't fit Superman, or if people just don't trust Superman can be a film of his caliber.

JL4237d ago

I'm not seeing the big deal either. In fact, and I've said this plenty, out of the short-list of directors that were rumored, Snyder was my hands-down choice. I have no idea why some people seem so skeptical about this though. Snyder's only real short-coming is his writing, and he's not doing that, so we're good.

I don't even know why the use of slow motion would be a problem even. I could see it actually providing for some very nice style to the film that contrasts well with Superman's super speed. Kinda chop it up, alternating with super speed then slow it down to slow motion for the real impact shots. Like I could totally see a Snyder Superman fight scene with Superman going all super-fast-Neo(Matrix) combo on some bad guy with it slowing down to slow motion for a second to focus in on a few good impact jabs. Speed up again as Superman knocks the enemy back and speeds over to the "landing zone" only to catch him before he even lands, hit another lil flurry on him, then slow-mo again for the knock out blow uppercut.

I'm wondering really if people just are uncomfortable with the change? Are they skeptical after Superman Returns? I don't know. I mean we definitely know that this is not going to be the Superman we're used to. So maybe that change has them skeptical? I'm not sure. I for one am very much looking forward to seeing how this plays out.

Soldierone4237d ago

Dont get me wrong, Zach does scenes like that perfectly. However he puts alot of things that don't need to be slow-mo in slow-mo. Thats what I dont want.

Personally my only problem with this is that Superman to me has always been story driven. Its always about doing the right thing, and putting other people before yourself and its something I try to live by in my life. I don't want that story to be tossed out the window in honor of special effects and fight sequences.

Yeah I know Zach isn't writing it, but its obvious why they put him on the project. Its for his visuals. I just hope the writer makes a compelling story and fights to keep it story driven beyond other things.

SlaughterMeister4237d ago


This is not something to lament or wonder about, this is AMAZING!! These two men have, combined, made the best comic book adaptations ever. Batman Begins and The Dark Knight dwarfed everything that came before, and once the door had been kicked open for serious takes on comic book properties, Snyder took advantage.

It's not the director's job to give the story depth, it's his job to interpret the script and make it look good and flow well on film. With Nolan and his bro working on this thing, with Nolan having ultimate creative control, this will be the Superman movie fans are dying for.

I want a new Superman movie in the worst way, and this movie is going to be fucking awesome.

JL4236d ago

I wouldn't get TOO ahead of yourself. Nolan won't have "ultimate creative control". He's serving as executive producer on this project. Basically meaning he's just overseeing it. He's going to have his hands too full to be dealing with the responsibility of "ultimate creative control". Though he will be watching over it, and you can rest assured his opinion will hold influence.

Another thing to debunk, Jonathan isn't working on this project at all that I know of. I know at once it was talked about he was helping to pen the screenplay, and there were once rumors he may even direct it. But obviously he's not the director. And since Goyer has been outed as the one to write the screenplay, I've seen no mention of Jonathan Nolan. While Christopher and Goyer wrote the story (I wouldn't be surprised if Jonathan did throw in some ideas at this stage), Goyer is the one left to carry the torch and write the actual screenplay alone from everything I've heard.

That being said, yes, this should be absolutely awesome and I'm excited to see what comes out of the collaboration.

(side note: watch the language)