How To Reboot Jurassic Park

TotalFilm: The original is still the 15th highest grossing movie worldwide. The franchise has taken nearly £2 billion worldwide. Ripe for reinvention, then.

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Soldierone4239d ago

I don't think Jurassic Park needs a reboot yet. Sure with the new visuals and what not, it will look amazing. However we are still in the phrase of "it looks cool, so its good" type of people. Jurassic Park had a deeper meaning and I think if they remake it now, it will lose that meaning. Instead it will be about how badass they can make a dinosaur look, which isn't hard in todays age.

Hollywood just needs new blood with fresh ideas.

elcompa4254238d ago

I don't wanna see Jurassic park be butchered just like other "reboots" have been in the past few years.... :/

JL4238d ago

I don't want to see a reboot, if for no other reason, than simply because they need to stop trying to reboot everything. Indeed, let's get some fresh ideas. I agree that it would pretty much just be a "special effects/cgi" show-off if they did reboot this. I see no need for it.

Not to mention, it doesn't seem to really cater to a reboot (more like a remake). Reboots are usually reserved for franchises that have plenty of source material that you can approach it from a different angle than has been done before. For instance, the new Spider-man will be about his teen years which is something that the Spider-man trilogy really didn't get into.

Jurassic Park though all you can do is retell the same story. That makes it a remake, not a reboot. On top of that, again, we don't need a remake because it will just become a cheap "look how cool these dinosaurs look" gimmick-type movie.

darklordzor4238d ago

Agreed. It's not something that you can really reboot. At this point, they need to make the next film, pretty much like they were planning, as a sequel. Don't act like the first films didn't happen, build upon them and craft a new story that will still tie everything together.

I really wouldn't want a remake of the same story either, because let's face it, there's no way it could be better (except for graphics). I'm glad to hear that they aren't considering that crappy script that initially leaked. It would have been awful and made no sense, and would have gone against the great story Michael Crichton had created.

I think we need another Jurassic Park movie. It's been plenty of time and it's a franchise that could be filled with possibilities.