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NYCC: Geoff Johns Talks ‘Green Lantern’ Movie Trailer, ‘Smallville’ & More

ScreenRant: "DC Entertainment Creative Director Geoff Johns kicks off New York Comic-Con by talking about the ‘Green Lantern’ movie, ‘The Flash’ movie, ‘Smallville’, Aquaman and much more."

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Soldierone4243d ago

1-2 Superhero movies a year after Harry Potter.....Why did it take WB so long to finally jump on the comic book bandwagon. They have been letting Marvel eat away at it and now the industry is getting beat down by comic book movies.

Granted WB does indeed have the better lineup of characters, so they could be saving the industry from a downhill struggle too. Cant wait to see what they cook up!

JL4243d ago

That's the only thing I can think of that will save all of this from becoming some type of beating a dead horse: WB has DC Comics which can present us a whole new slew of characters that we haven't really seen before, whereas Marvel have all but beat most of their main attractions into the ground.

Though I do have to disagree and say I think, personally, Marvel has the better top-to-bottom lineup of characters. However, DC has my favorite (Batman and some of his villains). The advantage being though that DC and WB haven't really ran through their list like Marvel has.

elcompa4254243d ago

They don't turn out to be the Activision of the cinema industry... haha

JimRome4242d ago

I see this being successful for a year or two...then it will just become exhausted.