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Universal Yanks Movie Trailer Over Use of 'Gay'

REUTERS: "Universal Pictures on Friday yanked from theaters a promotional trailer for new movie "The Dilemma" after complaints about actor Vince Vaughn's character calling electric cars "gay," which some viewed as a slur."

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Soldierone4003d ago

I personally find stuff like this annoying. Didn't Tropic Thunder get in trouble for saying "retard" or something like that alot. Its like why get offensive to these things? Even if its a minority saying. People have said "thats gay" ever since I was born. And now suddenly gay rights movement is somewhat big and its suddenly offensive. I don't mean to offend anybody here, but its annoying to me.

It has been a slur word for years, and it has nothing to do with Gay people. Everyone with a brain knows that, its people twisting it around and making it seem offensive that ruin it for everyone.