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NonsenseFilm Review - Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

NonsenseFilm's Andrew Jones writes:

'It was only 34 hours before seeing the sequel that I finally saw Wall Street. And I didn’t love it. I didn’t even like it. It was on the wrong side of Oliver Stone’s films, they’re either good or real bad (Dubya, World Trade Centre). So when I went in to see a second Wall Street film, knowing it had middle of the road reviews and friends who saw it at Cannes hated it, I figured I was just burning money, as is the case in the film.

So I guess it caught me by surprise to see that, whilst uneven and completely unfocussed, plus about 20 minutes too long, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps: Dark Of The Moon: Electric Boogaloo was rather interesting, entertaining and enjoyable.'

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