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Warner Bros. Axes New 'Harry Potter' in 3D

THR - "Warner Bros. has scuttled plans to release the new "Harry Potter" in 3D.

In a statement released Friday, the studio said that when "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I" arrives in theaters on Nov. 19, it will be in 2D, playing both conventional theaters and IMAX, but that "we will not have a completed 3D version of the film within our release date window."

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darklordzor4241d ago

Thank goodness! I'm so tired of 3D movies, and I was really saddened that they had jumped on that bandwagon.

tunaks14241d ago

just saved me some $$$

Soldierone4240d ago

Doesnt make business sense to me. 3D is only here because Hollywood needed a boost in sales, its obvious its not exactly where it should be yet. We still need to wear glasses and very few films like Resident Evil even pulled it off correctly.

So either 3D is on its way out, again, early or they plan on re-releasing this movie in 3D to make more money. That or Harry Potter is so popular that having 3D wouldn't really help them, as people would line up and wait for that instead 2D versions. Yes I honestly don't believe the 2D to 3D excuse, they would delay the release if that were the case.

Garethvk4240d ago

Typical Warner, try to pass off a movie as 3d that was converted in a lab. Its simple, if you do not film it in 3D with 3D cameras, it is not 3D and it is ripping off the audience to pass a converted film off as 3D and then charge the 3D surcharge. Only Avatar, Resident Evil, and Step Up were shot in 3D. Green Hornet, Green Lantern, Thor, Captain America are all 2D movies being converted to 3D. You would think Warner would have learned after they tried to pass off Clash of the Titans in 3D.

Soldierone4240d ago

3D is nothing more than a business move to generate extra revenue when the movie industry starts to slip. You notice they always throw out little gimmicky things here and there to boost sales for a while, then theatres go back to normal right after. 3D will be gone within a few months, sometime next year, then will make rounds with some new achievment a few months after that. Like a while ago it was goodies like getting pokemon cards at a pokemon movie, or scratch and sniffs at certain films so you can smell the screen.

They are pushing 3D in homes now so I may be wrong, but personally I don't think 3D is ready until all films can be shot in 3D and then be watched in 3D without glasses.