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Is Killer Croc Batman's Next Nemesis?

Cinema Blend Writes: "This might not be credible enough to label as "news," but it's definitely an interesting rumor. Christopher Nolan's third Batman film is pretty much a mystery at this point; all we really know is that it's happening, and at least some of will be shot in New Orleans. Most people have assumed the locale was picked because of the generous tax credit given by the state of Louisiana; but there's buzz growing that the location may actually play a significant role in the story. "

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JL4245d ago

Seriously seriously doubt it. Nolan has even gone on record before to say that he has no desire to get involved with any characters that don't seem real, or that seem implausible. That's why he said he'd never revisit Mr. Freeze or do various other villains.

darklordzor4245d ago

I just can't see Nolan going this route. He likes to use characters that can be based more in reality as opposed to going completely fantastical. I think it would be incredibly awesome to see Killer Croc on the big screen (especially with Nolan in charge), but I don't think it'd work with the universe he's already set up.

Besides he was already in Gotham Nights (that cartoon that was sort of like the Animatrix) which is supposed to tie-in to Nolan's series. So he's been done and handled.

Oh and I think Mark Millar is full of crap. I like the guy and the work he does, but I wouldn't trust him as a news source. Unless him and Nolan were close friends (have they even talked to one another?) I don't know how he'd know this information.

Soldierone4245d ago

I personally don't like Mark Millar either. Everything he wants to do for films has to have darkness around it.

However the Gotham Nights was a prequal to the movies, which would have to have the same characters that eventually lead into the moies. I know it would be hard for the Nolan universe to have Kroc in it, but its not impossible. That already hints at it. Plus look at Batman The Game, it was dark and going the same route, but they worked a way to get Kroc into it.

I think if anything Kroc won't be in this film, but rather hinted towards like Harley Quinn in the second. For example a scientist fooling around with something, or a guy being tested on, etc...Then at the end, maybe Killer Krocs hand raises out or whatever. This could lead into Superman cross over.

darklordzor4245d ago

I keep hearing about these hints at Harley Quinn in the last movie, but for the life of me I can't think of what they are. What were they?

I agree that there might be some Easter egg or hints about him. Like they did with Zsasz in Batman Begins. Just a lot of fan service, but nothing that really happens. Gotham Nights took place between Batman Begins and Dark Knight, and I thought he dealt with Croc then to a point where he wouldn't really com back.

I think the hand out of the water might be a little too cliche and it would definitely look like a set-up for a sequel. I think Nolan's going to try and avoid that with this film.

A Superman crossover would be so sweet! Who knows, with Nolan over both of them, we might get some cool references or cameos.

Soldierone4245d ago

I havent watched it in a while, so I dont remember all of them. I personally think the end with the burning building and what not was going to lead to Harley Quinn being created, since she never really had a background in Batman, she just kinda appeared next to Joker.

And if im not mistaken, and i probably am since I hated the anime, but Batman came across several of the villians right? Even Scarecrow, and he took care of them too. The only thing is this is comics, so they always come back.

and a Superman/Batman movie will happen. Rather it be Justice Leage or not, with Nolan behind both projects its going to happen.