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Bullock in for "Gravity" After Natalie Says No

"Sandra Bullock has entered negotiations to lead Alfonso Cuaron’s upcoming film Gravity after news just earlier today revealed that Natalie Portman turned down the leading role in the $80-million sci-fi epic. Variety states “scheduling conflicts” were her reason for refusal. This means that Bullock is set to play a woman in space trying to get back to her daughter after a disastrous mishap on her space station."

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darklordzor4245d ago

I was really looking forward to having Portman in the role. The movie sounds amazing and it's been a while since she's done anything sci-fi or action.

JL4244d ago

Interesting to note here: She turned Gravity down due to "scheduling conflicts". She also just backed out of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies due to "scheduling conflicts". However, beyond Thor (which has already wrapped), she has nothing set up that we know about. Could we in fact be seeing her clearing her slate for that Lois Lane role afterall? Just seems weird she's suddenly dropping all these projects for a "scheduling conflict" when there's nothing else she's been tagged to.