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You're Wrong: 10 Common Movie Blog Reader Misconceptions

Cinema Blend Writes: "Even the most dedicated movie fan spends, on average, only an hour or two a day thinking about movies. Maybe you cruise around Cinema Blend and check out the latest news, maybe you browse through our reviews, maybe you even leave a few comments calling one of us out for getting the new title of Transformers 3 wrong. Before long though, it's back to your cubicle, or your kids, or your wife and while you're busy having a life, we're still here thinking and talking, and spending every waking second of our life blogging and applying our brains to movies. "

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darklordzor4245d ago

Oh I loved reading this article. As a writer myself, I totally understand all of those. I love movies and movie fans, but sometimes we all are a dense group of people. We start thinking a certain thing, and are just too stubborn to let them go.

The movie review point is dead on. I don't know why people think this is true. Most reviewers love the same movies everyone else does. Sometimes it really pays to listen.

Soldierone4245d ago

I personally think it because when I think reviews I usually think a certain few. Like the ones posted on Yahoo reviews. I've seen plenty of movies where they just absolutely hated, that I and everyone around me loved. Then they praise another movie, and I found it to be dull and boring. It's a matter of finding that reviewer that has the same taste as you.

As for the article I review for video games, and developers do tend to "pay" you off. Instead its more like special treatment and then they will send bonus goodies to you etc...trying to make you happy, which will of course make the review brighter for them.

darklordzor4245d ago

Yeah, I do video game reviews too and get free stuff all the time (same for the movie site I write for), but I've never let those things effect what I say.

Sure the free stuff encourages me to actually review a product, but it doesn't mean I have to go the way they want me to on it.