Mike Myers to Voice CGI Pepe Le Pew in Warner Brothers Movie

NYMag: "Mike Myers used to joke that donning the 80 pounds of faux-latex blubber to play Fat Bastard in Austin Powers caused him to sweat so much that "by the end of the day, I was Pepé Le Pew." Vulture has learned that Warner Bros. Pictures is now developing a live-action/CGI movie on the lovelorn French skunk and Myers is attached to voice the lead role."

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darklordzor4247d ago

I don't really care to see this movie, nor a CG version of a beloved cartoon character (seriously, why not just stick with traditional animation for those characters?). However, I think the casting choice is perfect. The movie will probably blow, but they picked a good choice for the voice.

elcompa4254247d ago

I'm not too sure about this movie yet. I kind of wish they would go with art which made the cartoons stand out. The whole CGI thing gets kind of redundant. Although, I'd imagine it's much easier, it would hold more of a value if it was done the way it used to be done.

Money-Mike4246d ago

Only reason they're going CGI is so they can market it as a 3D film. Mark my words.

elcompa4254246d ago

The critics are saying about Wes Craven's movie "My Soul to Take" apparently, it's just a tacked on hoping it's not :/