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Nerd Reactor's Monsters Review: Tentacle Monsters Run Wild in Mexico

Nerd Reactor: When I first saw the trailer for MONSTERS, I couldn’t help but get excited. As a kid growing up I’ve always been a big fan of monster movies like Godzilla, JAWS, King Kong and Gamera. MONSTERS looked like an independent film that could really bring something new to the genre that generally revolved around explosions and people running in mass hysteria. I really hoped that MONSTERS could do for monster movies, what District 9 did for alien movies. Well, they’re halfway there.

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The Untold Truth Of Wolf Man's Creators

Among Universal Studios' classic movie monsters, the Wolf Man is unique. Unlike Dracula, Fran kenstein, the Invisible Man, and the Phantom of the Opera, The Wolf Man isn't based on a work of classic literature. However, the tragic tale of Larry Talbot (Lon Chaney Jr.) and his endless search to free himself of his werewolf curse is so compelling that it has influenced many popular perceptions of werewolves.


Hollywood Matrimony: Universal Classic Monsters Complete Film Collection Review

Hollywood Matrimony provides you up to the moment movie reviews, TV reviews, and keeps you updated on upcoming Blu-Ray and DVD releases.

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A Quiet Place Review - Silence Is Your Best Friend

A Quiet Place, directed by John Krasinski, tells the story of a family living in a world overrun by monsters. The only way to survive? Keep quiet. And just like that, A Quiet Place slowly crawls up to be yet another sleeper hit, instantly reminding us what a great time it is to be at the movies.

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