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What's Snyder's Superman All About?

IGN:" IGN knew Nolan is producing Zack Snyder's Superman reboot, and David Goyer's writing it. But we didn't know what it was about until now.

New York Magazine's Vulture took to the Fortress of Solitude and played a game of crazy Teleport Tag with Zod, Ursa and Non to get this logline: "...the story will follow Clark Kent, a journalist traveling the world 'trying to decide if he should, in fact, even become Superman.'"

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darklordzor4243d ago

Regardless of the studios' reasoning, I think they went with the best choice of directors. The article makes it seem like Snyder is a gamble...Which I wouldn't say he is. His films are gorgeous and he has plenty of talent. So going with Snyder doesn't seem like that much of a risk.

There's really not that much info on the plot but it sounds like they are taking the story back and acting like the first couple of films didn't happen (or at least making it a true reboot).

Personally I don't care for the idea of "whether or not he should be Superman". I could have watched the past 9 seasons of Smallville to get that story. For me the best Superman stories involve the tension of him separating his superhero life from his personal life. Trying to do everything at once to be the savior he knows he is.

Either way, with the dream team they have on board I'm still very much looking forward to this film.

Soldierone4242d ago

I think the story of "separating the powers from personal life" is Spidermans story. Being a teen thats more easily told through Spiderman, and always has been.

Superman's actual story is that no matter what he will put others before himself, will always do the right thing, and deep down even when he wants to put himself first he won't. Thats what the overall scope of Superman is, and hopefully Zach is deep enough to get this done correctly.

JL4242d ago

I've been saying it since the short-list came to light. Snyder was absolutely the man for the job from those mentioned. I really didn't see it as an option. He's the only one that truly had experience with this realm of films. He delivers such beautiful movies. He's definitely talented as we've seen. And couple that with the fact that his shortcomings would be covered up because Nolan/Goyer wrote the script, thus we don't have to be subjected to Snyder's sometimes questionable writing choices and was just a no-brainer. I have no doubt he'll do a very fine job. With his ability to bring us beautiful movies that give us nice action, but also do a good job at presenting character...I definitely am looking forward to it.