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'Transformers 3' Stunt Victim Sues Studios

TMZ: The "Transformers 3" extra who suffered brain damage in a grisly on-set accident just slapped Paramount and DreamWorks studios with a lawsuit for negligence.

The lawsuit -- filed in Cook County Court of Illinois -- alleges the studios and location managers for the film were negligent in coordinating and executing a stunt last month in Indiana.

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darklordzor4240d ago

Yeah I remember when that news broke out that she was injured. I don't think you can blame the stunt coordinators for that though. It's part of the nature of that job, it comes with some risks, and despite your best efforts accidents happen sometimes.

I mean if they were really negligent about their stunts, then there would have been far more accidents. They had so many big stunts and stuff going on on that set, more would have happened.

elcompa4254239d ago

For being paralyzed on one half of the body....and all she's asking for is 50,000'd be easy just to settle. I've seen the costs of therapy....most of that money would be gone pretty fast...especially on top of 24/7 care, drugs, for her though.

darklordzor4239d ago

That's true. She could really milk this if she wanted to, but at the same time she might know that she won't get as much as she wants to ask for. I really do feel bad for her and it's horrible what happened, but again it's the nature of that line of work. Does it make it any better? Hell no, and I hope she is able to recover in some way.

Soldierone4239d ago

I understand it sucks, but this is why our system is horrible. You are a stunt person for a reason. The big show actors don't want to risk getting hurt or even death, so thats where you step in. She got hurt, oh well tough luck. It comes with the job.

If the stunt was dangerous or set up wrong its also her fault. Being a stunt person its your job to check it and tell people if its wrong or you are not compfortable with it.

Then again if the crew didn't make her sign a liability paper before filming, then they are screwed .

drdistracto7074239d ago

but she wasnt a stunt person, she was an EXTRA

Soldierone4238d ago

Ive been on sets, the same thing goes for people around area's like this. Your told stricly what to do and if you don't follow it then you will get hurt. Your told to sign liablilty papers and everything.

Granted I don't know if something went wrong, I didn't read that far into it. If something went wrong then yes the crew is at fault and should pay the damages.