Nolan's Third Batman to Shoot in April

ComingSoon Writes: "
ComingSoon.net/SuperHeroHype has learned that Warner Bros. Pictures is looking to shoot Christopher Nolan's third Batman movie in New Orleans starting in April. We assume that won't be the only location they'll be filming, but the studio must like the city after recently wrapping Green Lantern there."

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darklordzor4739d ago

Hell Yes! I'm so glad this film is going to be starting soon. I can't wait to see what they do next with the franchise, and how they plan on wrapping it all up. For some reason I had it in my mind that they began shooting this year, but I guess that was wishful thinking.

So we've got a release date and a start date, so hopefully we will start hearing casting news before too long.

LordMarius4739d ago

and the villain or have they confirmed the Riddler already?

JL4739d ago

There's been absolutely no confirmation of anything like that. Riddler is just one of those "we all know it's coming, just they haven't said it" type things. Even an anonymous source for a higher up publication talked about seeing Riddler listed on the casting grid. But confirmation for it: no we haven't had any.

Soldierone4739d ago

Perhaps Harley Quinn? At least thats where The Dark Knight was leading, Heath Ledger dying may have changed that plan though.

JL4739d ago

Yea, I'm not sure they'd touch on Harley Quinn really. Especially not as a main villain. It seems Nolan will probably have too much respect for Heath's performance to want to risk bastardizing it in any way. So my guess is that he just forgoes even mentioning Joker in any way.

Then again, he has always had multiple villains in each movie. So maybe she can make just a brief appearance (without mentioning Joker) as a sub-sub-villain.

I think at this point though, Riddler is all but confirmed. If nothing else, I would almost think that all the talk and eagerness from fans to see Riddler would almost force Nolan's hand, even if he didn't plan on Riddler.

Though, like I said, there's still room for secondary villains. So, it could be interesting to see who he chooses for those.

Soldierone4739d ago

Well Harley Quinn is never the only villian lol. However The Dark Knight was going in the direction to have her appear in the next film, but the Joker would have to be there for her to work. Which won't happen sadly.

I think Two Face will come back as a secondary villian, Riddler will be the main villian, and the Penguin will be in this one as well.

darklordzor4738d ago

See I never got the impression that The Dark Knight was leading towards Harley Quinn. I just don't see her as a character that Nolan would want to include.

I tend to agree with JL at this point, that with all of the fan support and clamoring for Riddler Nolan may almost be forced to include him. So many people are anxious to see the Riddler in this new Batman setting. I'll admit, that I loved him even in Batman Forever.

Personally, I really want The Scarecrow to quit being such a chump. He's always been my favorite villain and he's one of the few in the comic books that has actually been able to beat Batman. But in the movies he's little more than a joke now. I would love for him to do something more important in this last film, but I have the feeling his time is over.

JL4738d ago

Firstly, I'm still on the fence about whether to even expect Two-Face. I'm just not entirely sure on that.

Moving onto the Riddler, first let me say Jim Carrey did an amazing job with the Riddler. Secondly, as I said, I think there might be some angry people if Riddler doesn't show up. And even moreso, I think people would be even angrier if Nolan decided to just tack him on for a very minor role. It would be an almost "I know y'all wanted it, but that's not the story I was going with, but here's a little taste so you can see what you would've missed" type slap in the face almost. That being said, I'm convinced it will be Riddler.

I've also heard the rumors about Penguin but Nolan and Goyer have come out and flat out said that Penguin (nor Catwoman) would be in their movie. So...yea, I'd count that one out. Interesting to note here, they have not made those remarks about all the Riddler rumors which far outweight the previous Penguin and Catwoman rumors.

As for Scarecrow: Yes I would've liked to have seen him be much more powerful of a character. More haunting and menacing and twisted (not too far off from how they did the character in the Arkham Asylum video game). However, I will have to say I'm pretty sure that character is done. I doubt we'll even see him in the third movie as I really think that whole "Batman giving him a dose of his own medicine" was the nail in the character's coffin for the franchise.

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granthinds4738d ago

Really can't wait for this.

Money-Mike4738d ago

I really hope they go for the Riddler..either way, this final installment should be stellar. I have total faith in Nolan. On a side note, I really can't wait til we get more details on Nolans Supermans reboot.


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